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Evan Fowler 方禮倫

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Evan is a writer, essayist and commentator. He has written and been published on a broad range of topics, from art, literature and aesthetic, to social and political commentaries, with a particular focus on issues of culture and identity.

The NPC Offer: The Reaction from Tamar and Beyond

人大方案:添馬集會的反思 (中譯附於文後)“Like thousands of others, I’m disappointed by the harsh, narrow and restrictive terms of democracy offered by Beijing”, read the message, “so I joined the Tamar protest to call for greater democracy”⋯「就像其他成千上萬的人,我對北京提出的香港民主方案之苛刻、狹窄和具限制性感到極度失望。所以我加入了抗議,要求有更多的民主 。」這是我收到的一條信息的内容 […]