Here’s what you get for your tax money!/Richard Scotford

Richard Scotford

Richard Scotford

Here’s what you get for your tax money!

No doubt the police operation took weeks to plan and cost millions. Are you happy that’s where your tax money went? The Government is pretty frivolous with the money you give it, but isn’t too interested to hear feedback from the public. What kind of a deal is that?

Certainly, it didn’t have to be like this… an easier and cheaper option would have been to sit down and negotiate with the protesters and come to some settlement where they left of their own accord, taking all their stuff with them and leaving Admiralty as they found it. This wasn’t a bridge too far! No need to renounce the 31/8 decision to negotiate a withdraw. Only a government so far detached from the people as HK’s would see a massive operation like today as a better option.

Certainly, police will go home and complain to their families, “You should’ve seen the mess the protesters left." Well, the reality is, that’s the HKGov’s mess. They created this problem and it was dutifully supported by the police. It’s not a given that a police force should support a government that is so deeply despised by so many of its citizens. One has to seriously worry when a government will mobilize an entire army of police against its citizens rather than talk to them. Police are not an instrument of politics. CY and CCP have yet to learn this and think that they can meet opposition with batons and waves of blue. But the people are not intimidated and are instead energized by this whole experience.

After 75days of Occupy, it very much feels like the beginning rather than the end of something big. In fact, I’m going to take it one step further and say, today was actually the BIRTH of the Umbrella Generation.

On the 28th September, they were brought into life from the spark of the CS gun and have spent the last 75 days gestating in the Admiralty womb; learning politics, discussing tactics or exploring their hopes and dreams for the future. Today the police came like a midwife and ejected them from their safe cosy protest womb and out into Hong Kong’s mean streets, well, not so mean if you can avoid the police batons!

Thousands of people are now at large in society, supercharged on political reform. They can no longer rely on listening to the HKFS or Scholarism speeches to inspire them. They’re on their own. They know what they want and it’s now up to them to start making it happen.

From a tactical point of view, it’s your worst nightmare if you truly wanted to put a lid on this. Thousands of splinter cells have been released into society and there is no telling where they will show up again. Certainly they know the power of the State and the police and are not fazed and are actively working on new ways to challenge it.

So, as we all look in wonder at the dump trucks cleaning up the debris, or afterbirth of the Movement’s birth, time will tell what the children of the revolution will get up to. With so many holidays coming up, I doubt we will have to wait long before we see new methods. Better cancel that Xmas holiday Inspector. Oh, and that New Year break, and the Chinese New Year dive holiday. Not going to happen officer, the people will be exercising their innovation. Some actions they may get wrong, others will be as successful as Occupy, and you know who is to blame….

CY and his Beijing cronies.

Hong Kong is not asking for a miracle, only for you to represent us fairly.

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  1. I welcome all different forms of protest and I respect their right to protest as long as they take responsibility whenever they break the law. After all, the essence of Civil Disobedience is self-sacrifice (through taking all legal responsibility). Many protesters did leave on their own accord in fear of being charged, but left much of the stuff behind anyways. The price we pay to clear up this mess will be minimal to the price the young people pay when they pay the price of their Civil Disobedience self-sacrifice. The price they pay will be small compared to the price the community pays for further polarisation of opinions over political reform as no side can ever gain the two-thirds Legco majority required to approve any proposal. Not even when all Legco members are directly elected.

  2. If one can put a price against reputation and integrity, then the price paid by the HK Govt and HK Police is the highest. This is also the lion’s share of the total price that the community has to pay.

    Joe Wong is wrong again. The biggest price the community pays does not originate from polarisation of public opinion. This happens from time to time in all civilised societies (on different subject matters, health, political system, welfare, immigraton policies). It is just a normal part of life!!! The society pays a high price when the opinions are dealt with in an uncivilised manner, such as what we saw in HK in the last 75 days – a moron who blindly believes in absolute power and physical violence.

    The second mistake Mr Wong made in his short reply is he claims “no side can ever gain the two-thirds Legco majority required to approve any proposal". I cannot see how this statement can stand the test of time. Even the current unpopular proposal has a good chance of getting 2/3 legco support, no matter how much I don’t like it.

  3. If Joe Wong thinks “the price the community pays for further polarisation of opinions over political reform" is not warranted, he must be happy to see the demise of “One country, Two systems" and the immediate transition into the mainland China system, where the CPP is the only ruling party (of course there are other “parties" in China, but they are for window-dressing only). By then the so-called “price" would be zero, as every law and regulation will be rubber-stamped. I’m afraid the more people think like Joe Wong, the faster HK will be moving towards the Macau model, which has eradicated any oppostion, if it ever exists at all.

  4. It’s real funny that soneone who supports democracy, but not your version of democracy, immediately gets branded pro-Beijing, pro-CCP! Kind of speaks more about what you stand for than what I do.

  5. Don’t forget this is the consequence that HK people have to bear with ourselves, if you recall what actually happened in 2012’s CE Election. There were so many blind-eyed women in HK who expressed their hatred to Tong Tong in favour of 689, though most of us did not have the right to cast a vote. Unfortunately the biased opinion poll results generated a significant impact on Central Government’s decision to finally make 689 the CE.

  6. That’s why I think it is important to install a one-person-one-vote system for 2017 so at least we can vote CY out! Unfortunately, despite CYs obvious troubles, he still consistently score higher than some key directly elected pan-democrat Legco members in HKUPOP regular polls. I hope I don’t get labelled China slave again for stating real data from a reliable source.

  7. (1) I support different versions of democracy systems.
    (2) I do not support non-democratic election systems, because I believe HK people deserve something better.
    (3) I absolutely despise non-democratic election systems disguised as real democracy. Unfortunately we are given this junk.

    People who select (1) or (2) has my respect. Everyone has his/her right to choose what they prefer.
    People who select (3) because they have been misled has my sympathy.
    People who select (3) with full knowledge that’s it’s fake democracy and at the same time help to promote (3) are inflicting insult on 7 million HK citizens. They deserve the hardest condemnation.

  8. Dungeon, you’ve got my whole-hearted vote! I guess that’s the crux of this debate so far.

    To put things into perspective: once HK people accept this seriously flawed election system, would you believe it will be reviewed or amended down the track? The answer is NO. When the 5 Steps of Political Reform are done, the CCP has fulfilled their obligation and so it will become a done deal.

    What irks me most is that, 689 and his cronies have been knowingly misleading HK people by urging us to “accept it (the flawed election system) first, let it pass Legco and amend it later", when they themselves know very well that, once it passes Legco, this election system designed for Beijing to pull strings, will be set in stone, period.

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