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The bricks that are 15metres from the battles

The bricks that are 15metres from the battles


The police routes of protesters last night were nothing more than akin to chasing birds of the lawn and thinking you’re tough for doing it. One person can easily route 100s of birds, because they DON’T FIGHT BACK. likewise, 20 PTU violently thrashing at everyone will route 100s.

The confidence of the hardcore police units to beat protesters is shown in the fact that they don’t even bother to carry shields. Just batons so they can move fast, hit hard and feel like they are some how powerful.

Unfortunately, HK’s Black Police Force, they are now unashamed of this now and happily cheer and jeer at the protesters when they think they’ve scored victory, misunderstands this fight. They think it’s about power. When the Police completed their last charge this morning and stomped right into the main protester site, they were high on what they thought was a victory for them after a terrible night of collapse after collapse.

And then this morning we hear CY pipe in that the protesters should not mistake the HK Police forces restraint with weakness. Which we could say exactly the same thing about the protesters.

Last night, I spent a fair amount of time discussing with protesters who had found a huge stash of bricks right next to Lung Wo Rd, the heart of the battle. After being routed once by the police, people were angry and wanted to use the bricks against the PTU. Everyone knew they would come again, no one was surprised and some protestors wanted to hit back at the PTU when they came cockily charging. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and we managed to convince them that bricks would not help the cause. So the bricks remained untouched!

A small amount of bricks that had been loaded on to the road. Fortunately, those with good sense had arranged for them to be removed before the second police attack. The protesters of the personification of restraint in the face of extreme violence.

A small amount of bricks that had been loaded on to the road. Fortunately, those with good sense had arranged for them to be removed before the second police attack. The protesters of the personification of restraint in the face of extreme violence.

The point is, which I’ve said all along is it is beyond preposterous to say that the reason there have been no major injuries so far is because of the restraint of the police. This is both ignorant and naive to believe or say. The reason why there has been no extreme violence is because of the restraint and good sense of an ad-hoc group of protestors who constantly squabble and bicker over method but all share the same high goal.

There is no rational or logical connection between no negotiation and therefore straight to violence. People try to sell us this idea, and often we accept it blindly as though this is a normal state for citizens to be in with their government and police. But it’s not rational. Just like in our homes, if a person is being defiant, we’re not justified in going Route One to physical violence. The same is true for politics, or I can’t negotiate with these people therefore I will just brutalise them.

So in this light, how can we see last nights event? Certainly the police got routed twice to start and then the police routed the protesters twice. So was it a draw? Maybe the police won? Their route took minutes whereas the protesters push took hours.

The fact is, this is a true Civil Disobedience Movement and in such a fight, the protestors need to show the inhumanity and unreasonableness of the Government. And the best way to do this is to prove that the Gov will choose violence over discussion and negotiation and will brook no dissent and instead violently clamp down on it.

After 64 days, the HKFS call to action proved that the government will not and can not compromise. Maybe you already knew that and think people didn’t need to push it so far to show this. But again this is naive. There’s a significant difference between personally believing and proving. Whatever your thoughts on the Occupy Movement, your opinions on the HK Gov and Police are changed forever and will never return back to what they once were. As for the young people of Hong Kong, The police and Gov have lost an entire generation. they will not forget what they saw. This is the success of the Occupy Movement. This was the victory from last night.

Everyones’ future in HK is at stake here. The Government has proved itself to be unashamedly malign to a significant proportion of the population and the HK Police have proven beyond doubt that they will happily run any of the government’s detractors off the street time and time again. The Police Force and Gov are stripped of any shame. They may well win by shear brute force , but they will never be able to get people’s trust. That has gone forever.

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    昨天晚上,有示威者在戰場中心龍和道旁發現了大批磚頭。 有一次在警方的追趕後,他們都很憤怒,想用那些磚頭對付那些藍帽子。每個人都預計藍帽子如無意外會再折返。到時,有些人打算用磚頭還擊,來回敬藍帽子的殘暴衝擊。 我花了相當的時間,與他們痛陳利害。幸好, 理智及善良的本能佔了上風, 我們最終成功說服他們用那些磚頭不會對情況有任何幫助。因此,它們才得以紋封不動留在原處。




    事實上,這是一場真正的公民抗命運動。在這場鬥爭中,示威者要昭示的是政府的不仁和橫蠻。最好的方法,是証明政府寧可取暴力而捨棄對話; 不是兼容異見,而是粗暴打擊。


    對每個香港人而言,這是危機之核心。政府已向好大部份的人証實了它是個徹頭徹尾的無恥惡棍,警察也毫無猶疑地一次又一次地為虎作倀, 在街頭用武力驅逐對政府不滿的人羣。政府和警察都撕去了羞恥心的外衣。他們可以用横蠻取勝,但他們將永遠無法得到人民的信任。那寶貴的信任,已如西去黄鶴,一去不復還。



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