冷漠,不是無意見,而是一種取態/Richard Scotford


Posting this picture turned out to be quite a contentious post. It received a lot of interest and shares given my small network. But this is indicative of the circumspect nature of the arrest and nothing to do with me. This is a valid topic so I’m gonna add more.

Firstly, if it cuts to close too the bone then good. I’m not telling you what to think, but I’m challenging you to seek your own truth. The information is out there and 10,000s people’s lives are being affected right across Hong Kong.

Last night (Tuesday) I sat and watched the casualties coming from the fronline where the police were viciously attacking protesters. They don’t even pretend that they’re being charged anymore, they just hoist up the red flag and plough in. The casualty scene of the protesters was like something out of the Crimean War, with wounded lying on the sides of the road and being attended to by voluntary first aiders. The police NEVER provide any medical backup, they don’t give a shit as to what happens to the people they beat.

So, the essence of posting THIS picture goes to whether I’m personally attacking someone for just doing their job and pushing it too far as they’ve got kids and friends and they’re generally nice people.

Well, the same can be said of the people who were lying beaten from police last night. They also love their kids and are just trying to make a nice life for their family and network in HK. But, loving your friends, family and network is not an exceptional human trait, we all do it. It doesn’t define you as person over and above anyone else. So, that argument is moot.

So, what about the, just doing my job thing. Well this really is more salient and relevant. Police aren’t the only ones who have to make tough choices and sacrifices, that again is not an exceptional quality, What makes us exceptional is when we’re faced with a decision that has the potential to affect many people around us, we think it through and then be held personally responsible for it by those it affects. The weak hide behind others or that it’s their job and they had no choice but to carry out orders.

On top of this, for some, powerful history moves into their lives and whether they like it or not their actions become magnified and subject to a lot more scrutiny than they’re normally used to. Certainly when history comes knocking, don’t go jumping in feet first and then bemoan that you’re being judged and you want to be a private person. In the case of Zulu Charger, he made himself known to the media in his SCMP article and in this case almost busts a vein to get to the front to take down Joshua Wong for highly suspect reasons.
It’s not just me that’s making a big deal about this… this is all over twitter and social media, who are not shy to even name him. In the case of this arrest, it’s clear to all that have eyes on the situation at the time that it is the red hats who are causing the raucous. Even the bailiffs are focused on the red hats, not the students. Watch the video. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. We all make our own realities,

So, the entire action by the police seems highly suspect to even the most untrained legal eye. In this case society has an absolute right to scrutinise it and if need be judge it in anyway they wish and at any time. For me, who has spent many hours at the front, it is indicative of the nature of the police in HK right now. They are blinded by their myopic intolerance of pro-democracy protesters and it is my intention that everyone should consider this regardless of whether they choose to ignore it. Police just rush in with no idea what’s happening and start taking down protestors and this is exactly what Zulu Charger is doing. No different from all the other videos we see of police taking down people violently, only to be released with no charge later. No professionalism in that, just police gone mad time and time again. People should be worried about this. All of these people, protesters and police love their families and are good to their mates.

As I’ve said before, apathy is not a default setting, it is a positive mind, hiding from this doesn’t make it go away.

But my opinion is only small… fortunately this will go to court, and hopefully a court motivated by justice will give us a verdict on this arrest. And then what? Can we still realistically hold on to our views if the court deems no charges. I’m completely prepared to be wrong on this, likewise, those that find this topic challenging should also be prepared for me to be right.

Afterall , there are plenty of nice people that have fallen on the wrong side of history. It still doesn’t make them right cus they were nice guys!

Everyone living in Hong Kong is now being challenged, there is no escaping this, and when history plays out in front of you, we should not hide our heads in the sand and say, no don’t show me that because it’s too close to my world.

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  1. " just trying to make a nice life for their family and network in HK" is the reason given for most protestors for doing what they do, but how true and accurate is that statement ?
    suicide bombers in the Muslim world also have similar argument for the sacrifices in their own life that they are willing to make in the name of god for the good of their fellow people.

      • Compare suicide bomber to HK students is wrong for now as HK student still believes there is a peaceful way to fight for what they believes in. And that is the essence of a free society, that people can fight for things they believe in and in turns change society without having to have gone to EXTREME. But you can see Hong Kong is not such society yet, and we are being ruled by the Tyranny of China. People can always say China is improving in so many ways that people should give them time to reflect their true intention, but their law is nothing short of barbaric when comparing with what we have here in Hong Kong. If we were to accept Chinese’s way of doing things in Hong Kong, we simply accept regress of our system. If we allow things to regress further, oppression of people voice will take over, then we will have no choice but the extreme. Why did suicide bomber exist? Don’t say someone is misleading someone to do dumb things, it’s because the society is set up in such a way so someone is willing to go to extreme to be heard. Just look at the native people in Xinjiang……

  2. The student are not peaceful anymore now and they are keep challenging the police with breaking the rules which are not related to the political. You can try to look at Mongkok and you will see those actions are not fight for universal suffrage but only insult or challenge the police or law.

  3. “冷漠,不是無意見,而是一種取態". True, but the title is flawed by implying that whoever is not “冷漠" will naturally take your side or the side of the “students". This is the problem with the political discourse constructed by the so-called “pro-democracy" activists. When a HKer is silent about the occupiers/rioters as a 取態 of not supporting the occupiers/rioters, you label them “冷漠". Then of course there are those who voice their support of the government, now you label them fifty-centers, commies, brainwashed chinamen, and so forth. You claim to be in love with democracy (whatever that means!), but you don’t really allow alternative opinions: either you are with us, or you are a commie or 冷漠!

    Now there is a flipside to the coin. Taking sides by ignoring certain unfavorable evidence is worse than being 冷漠. Two simple facts. One, if you compare to the police brutality practiced by the American cops during their occupy movement, the HK police force was definitely restrained to the point of being too civilized. Two, there are many clips on Youtube flatly showing the violence of the occupiers/rioters. The ignoring of which makes this article look like at best an ideologically oriented propaganda piece.



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